Purvi an International KeyNote Speaker featured on TED.Com. She has built a global following of thousands of women in business and corporate world, sold copies of her book across the world which made it reach Amazon best-selling status in 3 continents, and did all this with a mission to help women of wisdom to create a legacy. She is the founder of a global movement of women called 'Women of Wisdom Movement' that created a global wave of networking amongst women in business. Through her books, summits and masterminds, she is moving consistently towards her goal of helping 1 million women create a legacy


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Purvi Tantia has been interested in the business world since the age of 14 when she stepped into her family office as an intern. She would be a keen listener in all business meetings she attended with her father. Despite her age, Purvi was able to ask relevant questions to entrepreneurs she met and learnt a great deal from those interactions.

In her high school, she started giving attention to academics - thanks to an amazing set of new friends she made in high school, and achieved excellent grades to first get admission in top college in India, and then was selected to study in Australia on Australian Government's Endeavour Scholarship. She completed her MBA in 2008 and has not stopped learning business since then.

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In 2009, Purvi started her own business as an education counselor to students and marketing strategist to global universities. Her expertise in Counselling, Coaching and Consulting went hand in hand to help her become the go-to person in her field.   
In 2017, Purvi joined hands with four friends and ventured into a tech-start up called Wrappd. The revolutionary idea of gift registry was working in the western market and Team Wrappd brought it to the Indian market. But, it was sooner than the times when the Indian market was ready for it. Hence, Wrappd was wrapped after 2 years of operations. This was the epic failure of Purvi's entrepreneurial journey which taught more than the successes.
In 2020, She started women of wisdom movement with the aim of helping 1 million women create a legacy by teaching their natural gifts to the world through online programs, masterminds and memberships. In a span of a few months, she has impacted women across 45+ countries through her global summits, books, master classes, bootcamps and one on one consultations.    
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Purvi's mission for Women of Wisdom Movement is not restricted to a country. It's a global movement. It is a mission to give back to the world which has given her a lot. Purvi has travelled across the globe. In numbers, about 30+ countries pre covid, and about 45+ countries post covid (thanks to zoom meetings and her global summits). 

As a professional speaker, she does get paid to speak on stages, but she chooses to give back to the community by speaking on stages with a non profit mission as well. 

Watch her sharing how travelling can positively impact business and her insights from the case study of Google. 


Purvi is a family woman, married to love of her life, Amit Jain. Together they have a daughter, Ayra and they live in Mumbai. 

She is the eldest of 4 siblings and misses travelling to Delhi to meet her parents and siblings in the current covid times. 

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Women of Wisdom Movement is for women who are experts in any field or want to bring their expertise to the world...  it is for women who want to sell their advice wisdom online or share their intellectual gifts with the world.. It is a movement which which is committed to helping women carve their journey from home based business to the board room of big corporations... 

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If you're interested in consulting or speaking with Purvi Tantia, her fees for events are below:
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✔ ​Speaking Engagements - $10,000 + expenses
✔ ​Building an online business around your wisdom - $100,000 for a one year consulting. Please note, Purvi only works one on one with women in business who have generated at least $100,000 in sales of coaching programs or one on one consultation offline or online or both.  


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