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Some of our speakers have made 7 figures as a coach or a consultant. You are in good company with this summit.

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About Your Host

Purvi Tantia

Your host for this year's global consulting summit is Purvi Tantia, a professional keynote speaker on storytelling and story coach to women in consulting and coaching. She helps women in coaching and consulting to develop thought leadership in their space and increase their sales conversion ratio through effective story telling. 

She is the author of the book: STORY: The Secret Behind Successful TED talks. Her TEDx MasterClass" and "StorySelling MasterClass" are the go to Masterclasses For Women in Coaching and Consulting businesses. 

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Official Program

Global Consulting Summit

Purvi Tantia 

"Welcome and Opening Remarks"

Jodi Chaffee

"How to design an intentional family culture around entrepreneurship"

Dr. Megan Fisk

"How to find your core message to convert prospects into clients with ease"

Brittany A Johnson

"How to use your book to gather traction & grow internationally"

Shelly Elsliger

"How to succeed on LinkedIn and use it as an organic marketing tool"

Sampada Ghimire

"How to get you first international client by building rapport prior to sale"

Jenny Ambrose

"How to create logos that can attract more international clients"

Brittany Sherell

"How to be seen in international media to get international clients"

Felly Day

"How to speak on the level of the prospect to get better conversions"

Aly Jones

"How authenticity can be used as the most powerful tool to get new clients"

Vickie Gould

"How to write a best selling book that is  impactful and gets you clients"

Pavvana Varun Parwani

"How can we blend offline networking and online networking for growth"

Shari Jo Watkins

"How to increase referrals from both prospects and non-prospects"

Shenalyn Portugal

"How to write a better copy for your email to convert more prospects to clients"

Amber Powers

"How to reach women all over the world and help them reach their potential"

Sev Jaunasse

"How 'Follow a leader' roadmap can help you grow in your business"

Dr. Kitty Rathod

"How sleep can be used as tool to be more innovative as a businesswoman"

Kim Parker

"Why clarity of your true purpose is important before taking any action in business"

Abi Levine

"How should you define your prospect so that they become forever customers"

Ruth Verbree

"How podcasting can help to get your message out to global clients"

Rémi Khayyat

"Why language is not a barrier in the way to get international clients"

Naowshaba Ferdous

"How to use copy to convert real, paying clients from anywhere in the world"

Kavitha Boobathy

"How to create a story that people speak about you & remember you"

Tania A. Davies

"How you are only limited by your own beliefs when it comes to working globally"

Marie Ang

"How to be a subject matter expert using opinion led content contribution"

Parul Banka

"How to use your personal story to stand out from the crowd"

Toccara Nicole Steele

"How to Shift from Action to Reaction as Women Entrepreneurs"

Aoife Roche

"How to get a Yes from a customer every time using B.A.N.K."

Camille Miller

"How to run a global community with a membership model"

Tarryn Reeves

"How to create an amazing client experience so that they become raving fans"

Shaira Chaudhry

"How to expand your awareness in business using Access Tools"

Selina Boshorin

"How to implement systems to streamline your business and work less"

Kay Hamilton

"How LIVE TV show on Facebook can drive more traffic and clients"

Melanie Colling

"How to master Project Management in a global business"

Heidi Lynne

"How to expand reach & increase visibility through publications like Forbes"

Bronwyn Lois Griffith

"Gaining International leads through travel and sharing social media friendships"

Joyce Mills Blue

"How to uncover things that are holding you back financially"

Karenina Jahnigen

"What's your relationship with your money and business as women in business"

Heather Dempsey

"How to use facebook personal profile to market your business"

Janice Aquini

"Why is it important to do what you love and listening to your heart"

Altovise Pelzer

"How can women unmute their voice through visibility and empowerment"

Niduk D'Souza

"How to build value in your business / NGO / organization so you can exit"

Leanne Sheargold

"How to start listening to your intuition in your life and make business decisions"

Dr. Cali Estes

"How to get on TV without a big budget or PR firm: All secrets revealed"

Allison Morris

"How can you get bigger organizations like United Nations as your client"

Beatrice Lugano

"How to use the tool of 'heart centered' networking to grow your online business"

Clarissa Kristjansson

"How LinkedIn & working webinars are the new way to build leads"

Keely Capel-Teixeira

"How to tap into your existing network to seek out clients and referrals"

Bernadette Bruckner

"How aspiring to go beyond your own set limits can help you go global"

Meghan Graham

"How fund raising could be a tool for a for profit business like a not for profit"

Karen Roberts

"How YouTube can be used to generate leads and sales from around the world"

Ceci Foltz

"How to get more prospects and clients from Instagram Stories"

Kim Beasley

"3 different ways to get found online so you can connect with your target customers"

Renee Lowry

"How to understand the difference between internal and external demands"

Kassy Killey

"How to Start a membership and build a recurring income model"

Suzanne Daniels

"How to increase your visibility to a global audience using online events"

Jenny Hale

"How to engage with international client base using online events"

Rina Strauss

"The importance of role plays to reduce errors before pitching to clients"

Donna Smith Bellinger

"How to communicate across gender, generation & geography"

Trish Springsteen

"How to re-purpose and leverage your content marketing"

Shweta Jain

"How to overcome body shaming and fall in love with your true self"

Louise Lauret

"How learning a new language is a tool to acquire international customers"

Laura Zaki

"How to do marketing for a non-profit in the global business environment"

Melitta Campbell

"The importance of having a clearly defined niche in the global marketplace"

Carole Cassel

"How to navigate between choosing a wider niche to a narrow niche"

Sunita Biddu

"How blogging is still the tool to gather momentum for your business"

Mary A. Love-Harris

"How relationship building is at the root of getting international clients"

Lyn Smith

"How going truly local in business can help you go global eventually"

Kate Goddard

"How to use YouTube as a newcomer to YouTube marketing"

Gillian Hartley

"How to declutter our environment to make more space for new clients"

Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski

"How to use the power of professional associations to get more international clients"

Laura Pendergast

"When could be the right time for you to start thinking of scaling up"

Nikki Viljoen

"How to use the power of old relationships to enter new global markets"

Dawn Kennedy

"How to have a better relationship with money as a woman in wisdom business"

Shelley Agaster Lichak

"How language is not a barrier to get international clients in any way"

Farheen Syed

"How a simple call to action on facebook posts can build momentum"

Karen Rich

"How to use social media metrics to track organic social content that really works"

Classie Ehrhard

"How to use CCE Method & AAEIR to empower customer experience"

Deisha Rosetta

"How authenticity helps in both online and in-person communication"

Patricia Monica Ojeda

"How to use Operations strategically within consulting/business practices"

Victoria Baylor

"How to Determine Your Power Colors and use them to Elevate your Brand Brilliance"

Jackie Kossoff

"Which are the four steps to Profitable Facebook Ads that work in Organic Marketing"

Claire Clarice

"How to get High Ticket leads in any niche and in many markets"

Marisa Ferrera

"How to first build relationships with prospects before selling anything"

Diane Blair Morris

"How to use Power Point with zoom to reach out to clients globally"


"How to create a holistic business model which thrives all the time"

Erin Thomas Wong

"The importance of knowing the audience and their problems"

Nina Concepcion

"The Power of Vulnerability; and how through forgiveness we set ourselves free"

Srijata Bhatnagar

"How Heartful Networking can play a significant role in growth"

Audrey Pere

"The value of Weekly Live Zoom presentations for getting international clients"

Dr. Anita M Jackson

"How to write your book and get published and gain credibility"

Stephanie O'Brien

"How to use Group Marketing to promote your referral network"

Laura Martin

"How to use Instagram to outreach and connect with 100 new prospects a week"

Maria Grullon

"Which are the 3 Pillars of creating a website, experience and offer"

Obehi Alofoje

"How to use Productivity in your business & your Life to grow your business"

Chanel Morales

"How to use Organic Facebook Marketing and get leads at no cost"

Noreen Lucey

"How to grow a business in a B2B setting without using paid advertising"

Shruti Tantia

"How to self publish your book and get your wisdom out to the world"

Mai-kee Tsang

"How to use 3 phase "Pitching with Purpose" framework for podcast guesting"

Monica Lynn Miller

"How to get international clients without paid advertisement"

Meagan Goodes

"How to use Muscle testing and checking in with the energy before any action"

Emilia Kakavani

"Importance of Personal Networking and How to do the same"

Zoe Rizokosta

"How to get clients online, through being active in select Facebook groups"

Samra Suskic-Basic

"What to do when your launch fails? How to take failures not as setbacks but as learning"

Nidhi Agarwal

"How companies with global footprint use video calling and keep the team united"

Maria Hubmann

"The power of sisterhood in business and the importance of creating a safe space"

Jo Drennan

"How to grow your network in business on the basis of shared values"

Holli Massey

"The Power of Creativity and How to use this power as it's in everyone"

Sharyn Coleman

"How to get VA ready when you have identified your business growth calling"

Ilana Jankowitz

"How we can do Networking through Newsletters on emails"

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