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Right now, everyone’s feeling uncertain.

The experts are predicting that the recession is coming. Some are saying recession has already hit!

Companies are already under massive cost cutting and they are looking for experts to help them in this situation.

In this uncertain times, professional speakers are needed the most. But, did someone tell you that you need to make changes in your business model as a professional speaker before you can capitalise on the opportunities to help the world as a professional speaker.  

In uncertain times, it’s more vital than ever to rethink your business model as a professional speaker and take actions to make it more sustainable and to thrive than just survive. 

We have gathering (online) 100+ world-class professional speakers and experts to help you learn how to start or grow a business as a professional speaker. 

Join women from 21+ countries just like you and discover how to create a thriving business model as a professional speaker. 


Sounds awesome but ...

What exactly is in it for me?

Good question, I am glad you asked! Here is a small taste of what you can get by joining the virtual conference.

✔️ A behind the scenes look at what it really takes to build a successful speaking business

✔️  How to save double your efficiency by creating a routine around content writing and publishing 

✔️  If virtual keynoting is your thing, we'll spend sufficient time with our experts who built very successful virtual keynoting business in the past few months itself. 

✔️  Practical solutions to grow your speaking business online - if you have one - or to start online from scratch.

✔️  How to create a thriving business model as a professional speaker. Join our speakers who make 6-8 figures transforming people's lives as professional speakers.

✔️  The secrets behind successful professional speaking business: everything from craft of speaking to marketing and sales. 


DAY 1: JULY 06

✔️ How to use intuition to spread your message as a speaker

✔️ How to become a messenger of a message as a speaker

✔️ How to own the stage and operate with highest emotional quotient as a speaker

✔️ How can you make tough conversations on stage without shying away

✔️ How to sustain the growth rate of your business as a professional speaker in tough times

✔️ What are the ways of getting visible online in current times

✔️ How to thrive, and not just survive in the 'New Normal' inside the professional speaking industry

✔️ Where is professional speaking industry heading to? What it holds, especially for women in the industry

✔️ How can you flourish as a professional speaker by being a part of a tribe of like minded people

DAY 2: JULY 07

✔️ How to use DISC profiling to understand your strenghts and weaknesses as a professional speaker

✔️ How to distinguish between being informational or inspirational as a speaker

✔️ How to craft a prospecting strategy to get continous flow of speaking gigs

✔️ How to walk the talk as a professional speaker

✔️ How to manage to give the same impact on virtual keynoting as stage keynoting

✔️ How to be productive and effective at the same time as professional speakers

✔️ How opportunities are opening up beyond imagination in the current times

✔️ How can you get involved in a 2 way mentoring program

✔️ How to manage audience interactions on a virtual screen

DAY 3: JULY 08

✔️ Why passive income streams are important in the business model of a professional speaker

✔️ What are the essential pillars of content marketing for a professional speaker

✔️ How to understand your client needs better as a professional speaker

✔️ How to become unstoppable as a professional speaker using the power of scheduler and time management strategies

✔️ How to decide to operate as a solopreneur or hiring a team as a professional speaker

✔️ How to ace keynotes and media interviews with proper content

✔️ How to set up a back end offer to support your keynoting business

✔️ How to find possible credentials and achieve them to support you on your journey as a professional speaker

✔️ How to curate a 30 days road-map to establish thought leadership in your sphere

DAY 4: JULY 09

✔️ Why you should be curating more content now than ever before

✔️ How to tell stories that are remembered forever

✔️ How to increase customer lifetime value in the professional speaking industry

✔️ How to spread your message and impact as a women in professional speaking industry

✔️ How to balance the leadership aspect and the celebrity aspect of being a professional speaker

✔️ How to decide to say "Yes" or "No" to an upcoming opportunity in the current times as a professional speaker

✔️ How can you improve upon your professional speaking skills over time

✔️ How to capitalize on COVID situation as an opportunity and not a thread in the professional speaking industry

✔️ How to be prepared for big stage opportunities that can come unexpectedly to you at any moment

DAY 5: JULY 10

✔️ How to transform an article into a book, and make time for writing in you schedule

✔️ How to make small changes in the structure and style of your talks that can make a big difference in the delivery

✔️ What distinguishes a professional speaker from public speakers

✔️ What do Fortune 500 companies look for before offering a professional speaking opportunity

✔️ How to craft your message and content while being in complete alignment with your inner powers

✔️ How to establish yourself as speaker in the professional speaking industry

✔️ How to manage the roller coaster of business in the professional speaking industry

✔️ How to effectively curate a personal branding strategy and implement the same as a professional speaker

✔️ How to master the art of virtual keynoting and make it most effective

✔️ How to effectively engage audience in a virtual keynote

✔️ How to organise a conference and what do conference organizers look for in a professional speaker

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