Deborah Gilman, Ph.D.

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Dr. Deborah Gilman is a licensed psychologist with special expertise in trauma, stress, and resilience. With a strong background in cognitive behavioral therapy, she believes when we “think good” we “feel good.”

Jane Kilpatrick

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As a solution-focused hypnotherapist and mindfulness coach, her passion is to reach young people in order to educate them about their mental health and teach them lifelong coping strategies; preventing any onset of mental illness in their future.

Julie Groveman, PSYD

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Dr. Julie Groveman is a licensed psychologist, speaker, and writer. With compassion and focus, Julie helps you break negative patterns, heal from the past, and rediscover your inner strength.

Dr. Jessica M. Smedley

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Dr. Jessica M. Smedley is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in the Washington DC metro area. She specifically approaches her work in therapy and in performing school evaluations with children through a social justice lens.

Roselyne S. Watkins

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Dr. Roselyne Watkins attained her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 1998 from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, USA.  She has been a licensed Psychologist since 2000 and has demonstrated a commitment to the supervision and mentorship of clinicians.

Nancy L. Morgan

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Nancy is a licensed clinical psychologist, trainer, and consultant in private practice in San Ramon, CA. She established the Trauma-Focused, Mindfulness-Based, Internal Family Systems (IFS)-Informed Behavioral Health Training Program at LifeMoves, Northern California’s largest agency dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Dr. Jephtha Tausig

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Dr. Jeph has been a licensed clinical psychologist for over 20 years, working with children, teens, young adults, and the elderly from all walks of life. She provides psychotherapeutic treatment, counseling, psychodiagnostic testing & evaluations for children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

Dr. Linda Sapadin

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Dr. Linda Sapadin is a psychologist and success coach, known for the richness and originality of her ideas. She specializes in helping people overcome self-defeating patterns of behavior – especially procrastination, fear and anxiety.

Katie Patterson, PsyD, LPC, NCC

Dr. Patterson is a licensed clinical psychologist residing in Milwaukee, WI, and earned her Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University. She also received her Masters of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University.

Dr. Saadia Akram-Pall

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Dr. Saadia Akram-Pall, a member of the Ontario College of Psychologists, operates her private practice in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. She has more than 25 years of experience helping individuals, couples, and families with a variety of psychosocial issues.

Filipa Cardoso de Menezes

Mom of two/experienced Clinical Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in a public hospital and private practice settings while juggling it with the family setting. Skilled in working with both adolescents and adults in general psychiatry disorders, highlighting depression, suicide risk, borderline personality disorder, and eating disorders.

Sharen Barboza, Ph.D., CiWPP

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Dr. Sharen Barboza is a licensed clinical psychologist with a certificate in Wholebeing Positive Psychology who has spent most of her career behind bars, working with and for individuals who are incarcerated. She is an internationally renowned and award-winning speaker in the field of behavioral health and wellness, with expertise in behavior change, trauma-informed care, and strategies for self-care.

Viviana Guerreiro Reis

Viviana is a Clinical Psychologist specialist in Health Psychology, working now in a small Hospital (Continuous Integrated Care Unit), which means health and social support interventions with adults.

Dr. Tonya McKoy

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Dr. Tonya is a Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Life Strategist, Workshop Facilitator, Author, and Speaker. She is in the business of helping individuals and businesses develop. In the past, she has worked with non-profit and for-profit corporations, religious organizations, and individuals providing tools and resources to help them progress and grow.

Joana dos Santos Pereira Ferreira Mourão

Joana is curious and believes in people and their life stories to make us understand the world and ourselves better. A clinical psychologist by education, it is there that she gets the knowledge and skills which help her explore other areas constituting her professional journey.

Isabel Magno

Isabel is a Psychologist with Ph.D. in Child Neuropsychology. Specialized with OPP certificate in Educational Psychology and Neuropsychology. Researcher in the area of Executive Functions. Author of an instrument for evaluating executive functions in children (TI-BAFEC;

Kara Massie

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Kara graduated with a BS from Northwestern University and went on to receive her MS in Psychology from Villanova University and her doctorate in clinical psychology from Suffolk University. In addition to a generalist skillset in clinical psychology, she has developed expertise in treating depression, anxiety, and eating disorders among college students and the LGBTQIA community. She researches the development of intimate relationships and has extended her practice to treating individuals dealing with personality conflicts within their romantic relationships.

Duysal Askun Celik, Ph.D.

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Dr. Duysal Askun Celik (aka Kayla Wholey) is an author, psychologist, researcher, college professor, and mompreneur. She has been working with individuals, groups, and organizations with different engagement and capacities since 2000. Duysal has published and edited four books in the area of personal development, psychology and spirituality.

Dr. Margaret Rutherford

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Dr. Margaret Rutherford, a clinical psychologist, has practiced for twenty-eight years in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Earning the 2009 Arkansas Private Practitioner of the Year award for her volunteer work at a local free health clinic, she began blogging in 2012 to educate the public about therapy and treatment, extending the walls of her practice so that the general public could hear more about what therapy has to offer.

Michal C Cohen

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Michal earned her MS from Columbia University in 2004. She has pursued post-graduate education at the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis and has completed a course in Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate. She has held Clinical Social Worker positions at Mercy Hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, the Manhattan VA Medical Center, and the Vet Center in Honolulu.

Esther Hess

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Esther B. Hess, Ph.D. is a developmental psychologist and executive director of a multidisciplinary treatment facility in West Los Angeles, CA, Center for the Developing Mind. The Center specializes in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of developmental and regulatory disorders including autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, selective mutism, childhood depression, and anxiety disorders.

Bewindi A Bobb

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Bewindi has over 15 years of clinical experience and she is the founder and owner of Against All Odds Professional Counseling Services. She serves adults, especially professionals who struggle with emotional conflicts including unhappiness, dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety and helps equip them with tools to change their perspective, gain freedom and cope in healthier ways.

Dr. Marni Feuerman

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Dr. Marni Feuerman is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in South Florida. She is a nationally recognized relationship and marriage expert with specialized training in couples therapy. Dr. Marni is frequently quoted in the media and a regular content contributor to popular online outlets

Elizabeth Rovere

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Elizabeth V. Rovere is a clinical psychologist in New York City where she does group and individual therapy in private practice. Elizabeth is on the board and faculty of The Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Science, an educational non-profit that trains people in contemplative skills informed by practical neuropsychology and Tibetan Buddhism.



Licensed Therapist, Health educator, entrepreneur, and Author Anim Aweh affectionally calls herself a wellness advisor.  In her work she focuses on women of color to help them take control of their health before it controls them. Securing a master's in social work was a seed that was planted by her supervisor while she was working at the VA, doing outreach, and providing services to veterans.

Dr. Rebecca Courtney-Walker
Dr. Rebecca is an experienced NHS Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has a vast range of experience and expertise working with adults, older people, people with intellectual disabilities, and autism. She has extensive experience of working collaboratively with individuals and groups who have experienced complex trauma, including those who have psychotic experiences such as hearing voices, difficulties managing their emotions and thoughts, and relationships.
Dr. Elaine Dilbeck LPC

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Dr. Elaine is a Trauma Specialist who is also a trauma survivor. She is a speaker, trainer, and author. She has spent the last 10 years working to provide a safe trusting environment for survivors to begin their recovery journey. To provide support and education with no judgment. She works both with civilians and veterans. 

Dr. Beverly A. Hann

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Dr. Beverly A. Hann is a registered psychologist licensed in clinical, counseling, and rehabilitation psychology in Ontario. She obtained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago in 2008. She is also a registered nurse with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and a Master's Degree in Business.

Beverley Kort

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Beverley Kort is a Registered Psychologist in Private Practice in Vancouver, BC. She works with people struggling with anxiety, depression, health issues, and work-related stress. Her practice of therapy concentrates on what you want to be different and what can lead to a better future. Her therapy sessions are informed by her clients' feedback.

Barbara M. Wells, Ph.D.
Dr. Barabara, in her psychology career, has had the great honor of providing individual, group, and couples therapy to Veterans at VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System in Las Vegas, Nevada. In her practice, she has utilized such evidence-based approaches as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive processing therapy (CPT), interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), and problem-solving training in primary care (PST-PC).
Fiona Chapman

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Fiona, when she started her career realized that the first person she needed to work on was herself, building her confidence and self-esteem to enable her to be the best she wanted to be and so often she has found (not surprisingly) that is the key to every client’s success too. She trained and qualified in counseling, coaching, NLP, emotional intelligence, CBT, mindfulness, hypnosis, and many other psychologies and realized it was the combining of these approaches which proved the most powerful within coaching and talking therapies context. So now she continues to coach people to be the best they can and make their entrepreneurial dreams come true and also train coaches to be the best coaches for their clients.

Rebecca Sears

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Rebecca, as an international trainer and clinician, specializes in couples and relationship work. She is a Senior Clinical Instructor with the Imago International Institute and a Clinical Professor at Daybreak University. With 28 years of experience helping couples develop a  safe and passionate relationship, her main focus now is empowering therapists to work effectively with couples.

Monica Mexia

Monica Mexia, a clinical psychologist in Portugal with over 17 years of experience working with adolescents, young adults, and adults. She works with all levels of trauma as well as other issues in mental health. Individually as well as in groups. She is specialized in third generations therapies such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Brainspotting, evidence-based therapies.

Dr. Akhu

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Dr. Akhu is a licensed clinical psychologist, acclaimed author and renowned workshop facilitator, and a former president of the New York Association of Black Psychologists. Dr. Akhu specializes in stress management through self-care. Dr. Akhu has been in private practice for over twenty years and is currently an adjunct professor in the counseling master’s program at NYU. She is a trainer for the NYPD Hostage Negotiator Team, and the author of eight self-help books, the latest is  Cultivating Inner Peace: A Sustainable System for the Professional Black Women.

Dawn Romeo

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Dawn Romeo is a psychotherapist, NLP practitioner, and a wellness and life coach. She is a co-author of Life 101: A Guide to Your Personal Evolution that brings you to a deeper understanding of how you got to where you are and provides a practical guide on changing what is not working for you from the ground up.

Rebecca Wright

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Rebecca Wright is a Certified Behavior Analyst as well as a Licensed Behavior Analyst in New York. She is also a certified school psychologist. She received both her undergraduate degree in Psychology and her Masters of Science in Education at Long Island University.

Mariela Shibley

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Dr. Mariela G. Shibley is a clinical and forensic psychologist with a private practice in San Diego, California. She specializes in issues around acculturation, immigration, and trauma and is a leading expert in conducting psychological evaluations for US Citizenship and Immigration Services and for Immigration Court.

Nivruti Advani

Working with and for people is a part of Nivruti's personality and she has always enjoyed looking at the different sides of a coin, which is why the human mind has always been fascinating to me. She is currently in her second year of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPSy) program at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom, and have previously worked as a trained and practicing psychologist in India and gained experiences on detailed case history taking, working with parents of children and adolescents having a learning disability, autism.

Dr. Silvina Galperin

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Dr. Silvina Galperin is the founder and director of CBT Psychology for Personal Development. Silvina believes in continued personal and professional growth and development as a way of life. At CBT Psychology we empower people to achieve their goals and get where they want to be. Dr. Galperin is an entrepreneur herself and loves to learn about all the aspects of running a business and being a good leading for her team.

Pepita Torbrand

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Pepita Torbrand is a Chartered Psychologist (BSc, MSc, CPsychol), Registered Coaching Psychologist, Educational Consultant, and Performance Coach. She is the founder of Bounce-Coaching, offering 121 online coachings to parents, families, and teenagers: focusing especially on increasing teenagers’ wellbeing, confidence, and academic success by reducing unhelpful thinking habits, self-sabotaging, procrastination, and self-doubt.

Dr. Stacy Nakia Peebles

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Dr. Stacy Nakia Peebles (Dr. Stacy), is an Emotional Wellness Practitioner with extensive experience providing services to individuals seeking support in navigating through life's challenges. Her goal is to empower clients to make positive and informed decisions that will lead to a sense of well-being and serenity. She takes a holistic approach to health care, with a focus on promoting a sense of self-love and empowering clients to live the meaningful life that they deserve.

Lisa Seals Meek, PsyD

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Lisa is passionate about working together with clients to create meaningful change in their lives. Her therapeutic style consists of a mixture of empathy, insight, and skill-building. Every client has an individualized treatment plan based on their needs and preferences. She has earned degrees in social work, special education, and clinical psychology. Her post graduate training was in: neuropsychology, treating trauma, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Gottman Couples Therapy. She provides therapy and consultation services.

Melinda Sue Warner

Melida has worked in Private Practice for 25+ years, and with clinics, hospitals and agencies for over 29 years. These have included, but are not limited to: Cambridge (MA) Health Alliance (a coalition between the City of Cambridge, MA and Harvard Medical School); MassGeneralforChildren - North Shore; and Children's Hospital - Boston. She has always loved being with children - of all sorts. The younger and less-able the child, the more invested she finds herself becoming.

Megan MacKay

Megan MacKay is a licensed clinical mental health counselor in the United States. She works with populations that range in severity from acute to chronic mental health disorders and specializes in trauma and addictions. She also treats those experiencing relationship dysfunction, codependency, and struggles with sexual health.

Dana Gionta

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Dr. Gionta is a clinical psychologist, executive and life coach, speaker, and author with over 20 years of experience. She has a diverse professional background in psychology, coaching, business, and health. In her coaching and psychology business. Dr. Dana works with women and entrepreneurs on areas related to personal and business boundaries, relationships, career challenges, self-care, and making courageous changes.

Dr. Susan Franklin

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Dr. Susan Franklin is not your typical clinical psychologist. She specializes in mind-body approaches to wellness. She synthesizes contemporary psychology with ancient and natural healing techniques in this pursuit. It has been a life-long passion for me. She has been in the field of mental health since 1999. She has always believed in the power of the human spirit to self-reflect, grow, and heal. Her work now focuses on creating guided mind-body courses through her Groundwater Wellness School on the platform.

Roxanne Rafiepour

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Roxanne is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with 10 years of experience in supporting children, teens, parents, and young adults in individual psychotherapy. Her practice is devoted to supporting children, teens, parents, and young adults. She is of American Iranian descent and enjoys working with people of diverse sociocultural backgrounds, exploring how culture has shaped their various life experiences. She specializes in fostering the child-parent relationship, grief/loss, bullying/victimization, mood disorders, trauma, and relationship challenges.

Sónia Araújo

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Sónia Araújo is a cognitive-behavioral clinical psychologist with a specialization in third-generation therapies, a specialist in Clinical and Health Psychology; Educational psychology; Community Psychology; Sexology; she is also a pedagogue and sex therapist. She is a professional trainer and a mindful and positive discipline parenting facilitator. She is the founder and CEO at M'BE - Mindful Butterfly Effect, a brand of mental health and training services.

Rachel Fry

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Dr. Rachel Fry is a psychologist, consultant, and speaker. She works with professionals helping them achieve personal and professional success. Dr. Fry has a passion for working with high achievers--individuals who have achieved success in their careers but are looking for more--to be happy, experience joy and meaning in their lives. Dr. Fry also has a niche area in legal wellness and is passionate about helping lawyers integrate psychological wellness into their lives and careers.

Dr. Melanie C. Talley

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Dr. Melanie is a UM Grad, Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist currently in OKC, Mompreneur of 10-year-old twins, Promoting Mental Health VALIDATION and EDUCATION for all!

Dr. Aprile Andelle, LMFT

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Dr. Aprile Andelle is a licensed psychotherapist with over 9 years and 10,000+ hours of experience. She serves her amazing professional and entrepreneurial women, and women of color, clients all around the world through meaningful one-on-one therapy. She specializes in overcoming anxiety, stress, depression, and trauma through mental wellness, mindfulness, personal growth, and joy practices.

Kailen Krame

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Kailen Krame is Co-Founder and President of Mindful Awareness Practices, LLC and is passionate about spreading the transformative practice of mindfulness to promote greater mental and emotional wellbeing within professional industries and beyond. She is a lecturer and published author of “Put It In Perspective: A Teen’s Guide to Sanity” (AuthorHouse, 2014), a book offering mindfulness and stress-management tools for teenagers and young adults.

Dr. Cassandra Bolar

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Dr. Cassandra Bolar is a marital success strategist. She specializes in helping couples create and maintain a positive marriage culture. Her work as a marriage and family therapist, family studies researcher, and psychology professor informs her evidence-based and practical approach to helping couples thrive.

Eleni Boosalis

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Dr. Eleni Boosalis is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and the co-owner of Del Ray Psych & Wellness, LLC. She is passionate about working with people who are seeking to heal and evolve by using a holistic treatment approach. She brings 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist and clinician. Dr. Boosalis integrates mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, energy psychology, and spirituality into her therapeutic approach. She enjoys treating adults who are experiencing disorders of anxiety and depression.

Jasmine Yeo

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Dr. Jasmine Yeo is the Clinical Director and Consultant Psychologist at The Private Practice. She is also affiliated with Pregnancy Singapore and is passionate about Fertility Psychology, Maternal-Infant Mental health as well as Bonding and attachment work. She has over a decade of experience providing assessment and psychological interventions for a variety of emotional and behavioral challenges for individuals and couples, children, adolescents, and adults.

Lori K Myren-Manbeck

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Lori is a licensed clinical psychologist and business owner.  She began her psychology career working in trauma before moving to geriatrics.  Lori loves helping people remember how valuable they are at the end of their lives.  Her work is focused on the individual and on forming a strong, supportive relationship.  She utilizes various relaxation, anxiety-reduction, and mood-stabilizing strategies.  Her business, Inclusivi-tee centers on sustainable living and creating a world in which everyone thrives.

Sulonda Smith

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Sulonda Smith has rescued hundreds of marriages. She also helps men one on one and through customized programs to be confident and communicate clearly. Sulonda has learned a lot from her eight brothers and years of research and practice. She immediately identifies problems and quickly finds solutions. Because of her ability to translate the language barrier between men and women, she has affectionately been referred to as "The Interpreter" and "The Communication Ninja."

Dr. Tara S. Levinson

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Dr. Levinson has spent the last 20 years working internationally with children, adolescents, and their families. She is currently in private practice where she focuses on testing and therapy.  Her passion is providing tools and strategies, based on her post-doc work in CBT, to children and their families to help them feel more capable, competent, and successful in their world.  Dr. Levinson is on several national boards and speaks regularly on topics related to child development and mental health (particularly anxiety, depression, and building resilience).

Mercedes Jahn

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Mercedes is an expert in Applied Neuroscience, a Master Executive Coach, has a Ph.D. in Psychology, and is considered a mentor to many. She is considered within the 2% of Senior Coaches Worldwide by the International Coach Federation. Teaming up with her will accelerate your growth and development as a professional. She will help you create a memorable, genuine, and powerful personal brand and leadership style, ensuring respect and trust from your clients and stakeholders. She is the mentor behind successful Leaders.

Linda Hayes-Cooper

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Linda Hayes-Cooper is an Early Parenting Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner, trained Clinical Psychologist, and Infant Mental Health Clinician. She assists new and expectant parents and their 0-5yr olds with mental health, emotional, & behavioral concerns, cultivating greater mind-body balance, connection, and wellbeing.

Anjana P Khosla

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Anjana is a mental health therapist with a deep passion for working with people from diverse backgrounds. Her goal is to support people in integrating all aspects of themselves to enable an improved quality of life. She believes that knowing one's worth is the backbone of living a healthy, authentic, and fulfilling life. She strives to support her clients in integrating all aspects of their identity in a way that feels honest and loving so that they can explore what brings them joy, define what success means, and create an all-encompassing definition for health.

Megan Rhoads, PsyD

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Dr. Megan Rhoads is a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of California. She brings passion for women’s issues, genuine warmth, and charisma into her private psychotherapy practice in Sacramento. Dr. Rhoads sees each individual as having the answers to meeting their daily needs within their “Tribe of Five”, which are the 5 parts of self based on transactional analysis theory by Eric Berne. As she explores the nature and talents of each of these parts, she helps her clients employ new skills to live a healthy, happy life, and to overcome obstacles both from the past and present to ensure a healthy, low-stress future.

Shannon Bond

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Shannon is the founder of Rise Embodied Therapy. She is a Mind-Body Psychotherapist in Cedar Park, Texas (just north of Austin) who works with people who have experienced all types of trauma. She integrates multiple modalities including Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, mindfulness/embodiment practices, and cognitive-based therapies. She is committed to dispelling the myth that trauma should be regarded any differently than any other type of health/medical issue.

Melissa E. Milanak, Ph.D.

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Melissa E. Milanak, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist, keynote speaker, executive consultant, and internationally recognized academic with expertise in sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, PTSD, emotional processing, and workplace well-being. She has leveraged decades of sales experience now working for Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR), developing new programs promoting workplace wellbeing, reducing mental health stigma, and helping providers effectively utilize assessments to augment best practices.

Linda Marsanico

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Linda is a psychologist, spiritual coach, writer and energy healer. Currently, she offers sessions on Secure Video as she is in private practice.

She celebrates the equal relationship between the client and facilitator, as they move with the flow of energy: the client as "expert" in self, and the facilitator as the "expert" on theories of psychological and spiritual change.

As adults we often forget how to play, and the work of DW Winnicott reminds us of the beauty and function of playing: involving the real self, creativity and energy flow.

We bring the unconscious to the conscious mind with the specific goal of moving to an updated, conscious design.

Linda writes about love & compassion on her 7-year-old blog where there are 197 essays available to be read. You can also connect with her through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

Madeline Ofina

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Madeline is an online psychotherapist practitioner in New York. She used to volunteer in school . She wanted to work for an underserved community .She was a student associate at the schools where the children’s parents were displaced at the moment. There she used to observe how the therapist talked to the kids and they told the therapist about the things they have in their heart and that inspired her a lot.

Isaura Gonzalez

As an Award-Winning Clinical Psychologist and Educator, Dr. Isaura de la Caridad Gonzalez has utilized her expertise and trailblazing skills to support others, specifically the Latina population, to expand their businesses and create top sum financial legacies. She is a multilingual innovator who founded one of the top Psychology practices in Staten Island as well as multiple other organizations, which aim to empower and inspire Latina entrepreneurs to learn the skills that will bring their businesses to the highest level.

Katie Eastman

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A speaker, coach, counselor and consultant for individuals and communities on the subject of grief, loss and transition. My latest series is "What Do You Tell Your Children When," an innovative approach to helping children deal with grief and trauma during major events. I am known for practical no nonsense advice, compassion and the ability to work with large groups as a corporate and community trainer. As an engaging speaker, author and storyteller, I have been cited as an authentic force for good and love. You can also connect with her through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

Marie Liddiard

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A Clinical Hypnotherapist and well being practitioner specializing in anxiety, stress and weight management. I have a passion for supporting others to maintain good mental health. You can also connect with her through Facebook

Catriona Brennan

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Catriona Brennan is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist registered with the Psychological society of Ireland (PSI) and the British Psychological society(BPS). Catriona has been practicing and researching the ethical, best practice delivery of Online Therapy since 2015. She is an expert Online Psychologist practitioner and Online Clinical Supervisor. She is also an adjunct lecturer in Telepsychology on the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology in Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Bella McCloud

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Bella McCloud is a Registered Psychological Assistant and Yoga Therapist. She earned Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Psy.D. from Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2018. She is the founder of Wellspring Psychological Services, Monetary CA.

Dr. Robyn Mackay

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Dr. Robyn McKay founder and chief instigator at she{ology}. With a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas and a background in the science of creativity, positive psychology, and optimal development, she left her work as a graduate-level professor and psychologist behind. Seeing the impetus behind studying psychology in the first place was to help people, and she knew that struggling to pay her student loans and rent wasn’t the path to effecting the greatest change. She also wanted to set an example for them by pursuing her vision rather sacrificing it on the altar of safety and security that's what prompted her to establish she{ology}.

Gabrielle Toloza

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Gabrielle is an experienced Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the health and wellness industry. Skilled in Parent Coaching, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Individual, Group And Family Therapy. Strong healthcare services professional with a Psy.D. focused in Clinical Psychology.

Judith Bergner

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Judith Bergner pursued her graduation in psychology from Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich and Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen. She is a registered EuroPsy Psychologist (European Certificate in Psychology) and has KODE X certification (competency-based personnel selection and talent development). She has done Gestalt training: A Gestalt Approach to Organization and Systems' Change, from Gestalt Institute Cleveland, USA.

Dr Ta-Taneisha Thames

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Dr. Ta-Taneisha Thames is a Clinical Psychologist, School Psychologist, Child Advocate, Expert Witness, IEP Expert. She is the founder of Top - Educational Consultants, which is a group of credentialed and highly qualified educators who are experts in the psychological field. With over 50 years of combined experience in the private and public sector, she understands the rights and laws that govern education. "Special education needs should be met on every level and it is our job to advocate for your needs.", she has firmly stood by this principle in her practice career.

Margo Geller

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Margo Geller is a professional counselor, career, business and life coach. Margo has helped hundreds of people enjoy their work and personal life a lot more. Margo combines her counseling and coaching talents to help her clients feel more confident as they approach a difficult decision or conversation. She understands the practical and emotional challenges that come with change.

Elizabeth Alanis

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Elizabeth Alanis, LCSW. DD, is a Shamanic Practitioner, Transformational Coach, and creator of Rites of Passage, Healing Ceremonies, Sacred Circles, Workshops, and Seminars. She is also a Psychotherapist, with postgraduate certificates in Jungian and Freudian psychology, and has specialized in trauma, children, and family therapy. She provided individual and group clinical supervision to psychotherapists delivering mental health services in NYC Public Schools. She also worked as a Clinical Social Worker at NYU Lutheran Family Health Center.

Silja Voolma

Silja Voolma is CEO at Research and Design Consultancy Services. She did BSc in psychology and pursued MSC from University of St. Andrews. For further studies she went to University of Cambridge and earned Doctorate in Philosophy, Behavioral Science. As a behavioral designer and health psychologist, her obsession is understanding what drives human behavior and her passion is to help healthcare organizations design and develop user-centered technology positioned for success in diverse populations and human identities.

Sarah Silva

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Sarah Silva is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who has experience working with anxiety disorders, self-esteem, perfectionism, and stress management. Sarah’s approach to therapy is one that is collaborative and active using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, as well as a strength-based approach.

Sarah received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Specialization with a concentration in the Treatment of Addiction Disorders from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2012 and completed her undergraduate studies at Rutgers University.

Amelia Mora Mars

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Amelia Mora Mars is a Mom to six daughters and four sons, a psychotherapist and mom coach to women raised by emotionally unavailable mothers. She empowers women to break the cycle, heal their hearts, and reclaim their lives. As a mom, she too had to learn to overcome these wounds caused by her own mother. Through her personal journey, she was able to forgive her mom and change the way she mothered her own children. She supports moms to leave a lasting legacy of love for their children and generations to come. You can also connect with her through Facebook, Linkedin , Instagram 

Caroline Smith Mclean

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A solutions focused hypnotherapist and mindset coach specializing in Self love and anxiety. You can also connect with her through Facebook.

Elizabeth Englander

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Dr. Elizabeth Englander is the founder and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridge water State University, a Center which delivers programs, resources, and research for the state of Massachusetts and nationwide. As a researcher and a professor of Psychology for 25 years, she is a nationally recognized expert in the area of bullying and cyber bullying, childhood causes of aggression and abuse, and children’s use of technology. 

Sonia Maria Catarino Antunes

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She is a psychologist since 1999 and psychotherapist since 2010. She specialized in 3 different models. She is a psychotherapist in PBSP (Pesso boyden system Psychomotor - 2010), SPPB( Integrated Brief psychotherapy-2011) and Trans personal Psychotherapy (2020). She has worked in several areas, and at this time is extremely focusing on giving the most appropriate answer to my patients. She is always studying more and more to be more able to be the best for them. She is working in clinical practice in an exclusive way. In the past She have already worked in hospital, with chronic disease, after that worked with children, at the end worked for 16 years with addicts and trauma. You can also connect with her through Linkedin

Angela Kenzslowe

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Dr. Angela Kenzslowe is a clinical psychologist who specializes in trauma, anxiety and stress. You can see her share science based mental health tips on US national programs such as the Today Show. She is available to address both large and small audiences to help communities and organizations assist their members with stress and anxiety. You can also Connect with her through FacebookInstagram

Mary Ng-Tedjasukmana

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Mary Ng-Tedjasukmana is a nationally recognized passionate Board Certified Diplomate (BCD) Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS). She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (Individuals, Family, Sex Trafficking and Exploitation (CCTS-IFS) and Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC), licensed in the New York and New Jersey areas providing Telehealth Individual, Couples and Family Therapy, specializing in Grief and Trauma.

Grief being the loss and death of someone or something. Trauma being the abrupted, unexpected, sudden, loss or death of a person, place or thing causing emotional or physical disturbance.

Mary is an active Emergency Responder/ Grief Counselor for high profile worksite disruption (i.e. counseling to the Frontline Healthcare Workers of COVID, those impacted by the civil unrest of recent DC breach, death, suicides, downsizing, etc) and First Responder for large scale crises in the Aviation, Education, Banking, and Entertainment Industry (ie. to those Quarantined in the Cruise ship and impacted in the Universities during COVID Pandemic). She is a former Hospice Medical Social Worker for the flagship Hackensack Meridian Health Hospital of NJ, delivering comfort care to patients and their families at their loved one’s very end stages of life. Mary holds 15+ years experience as Clinical, Lead Social Worker & Asian Mental Health Outreach Liaison providing direct, clinical and supervisory care to patients in the challenging world of locked Inpatient Psychiatry Unit of Bellevue Hospital, NYU Lutheran Medical Center, and Robert Wood Johnson St. Barnabas Medical Center, caring for dual diagnosis mental health and substance abuse population at their lowest peak. She is an active Instructor/Trainer of Corporate Education & Training for Middlesex County College; providing education to our future helping professional leaders of tomorrow. You can also connect with her through Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter

Kati Taunt

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She works as a trainer, consultant and therapist. She is a registered social worker and accredited cognitive behavioral therapist. She is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Solution Focused Therapy, Theraplay, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Systemic Family Psychotherapy. She is currently in my 10th year of training in Systems Centered Theory. She specialize in working with trauma, both Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Developmental Trauma and am dedicated to bringing trauma informed practice into schools,  residential care, foster care, child protection services, early help, inpatient services, youth offending services and any other service that would like to consider how becoming Trauma-informed could change the outcomes for their service users. She also provide ongoing training and consultation to support a whole system transformation to trauma informed practice.

Diane Groat

Diane Groat is a Licensed Psychologist w/20 years experience helping people with mental health problems. She is committed to diversity and equality and welcomes everyone in her practice. She offers telehealth psychology services to adults in Alabama and Mississippi.

Angie Fish

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Angie Fish is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and she loves learning new things and teaching them to others. She has done corporate sales and training, teaching, marketing, biz and career coaching, bar work, customer services and recruitment to name a few! She has also run several businesses, starting with a fitness business when she was 23 years old.

Ariel A Schulz

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Ariel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who attended Bryn Mawr School of Social Work in Philadelphia and has been serving clients of all ages as a psychotherapist for more than 25 years. She attended the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center for a year post Master’s degree, and received a certification as a Structural and Strategic Therapist. She has also received extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Emotionally Focused Therapy, EMDR, and Trauma Informed Intervention including Interpersonal Violence Intervention and Anger Management.

Ariel has a thriving private practice in the Mesa, Arizona area for over 20 years, and in addition to seeing clients, she provides on-site critical incident debriefing for various Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). She provides webinar training and workshops on such topics as Strategies for Time Management, Building Resilience Using Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Creating a Positive Work Environment, Humor For the Health of It, Delivering Excellent Customer Service, Preventing Burnout in the Workplace. She was featured as an expert on a website called Reflect Relate Renew, which focuses on supporting and educating family caregivers, and more recently had three articles published on an EAP website focused on gaining more compassion in the workplace. You can also connect with her through Facebook

Vijayeta Sinh

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Dr. Vijayeta Sinh is a psychologist, speaker & public figure | Empowering and inspiring millennial to thrive (and not just survive) their relationships!

Steven Dromgool

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Steven has spent the last 20 years specialising in helping couples and individuals find lasting love. He is trained in 6 of the top approaches to working with relationships and has led the clinical development of Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy (PORT). Steven's work is practical, intentional and effective drawing from the most engaging and effective aspects of other approaches and integrating them with an innovative neurodevelopmental paradigm. You can also connect with him through Facebook

Susan Spilman

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She is a psychologist by training who combines this with new forms of energy and spiritual healing to delve deeply into core beliefs and release problematic ones.She was a traditional clinical psychologist for many years…. in a variety of settings such as community mental health, in-patient, testing for cognitive deficits—and primarily in private practice. She has worked with people with all sorts of issues, from anxiety and depression to addictions to past traumas and dissociative responses. 

Camellia Wong

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She is a psychologist, have worked with people going through all types of difficult life transitions. She is particularly passionate about sensitive issues – domestic violence, sexual identity, crisis, and helping international students and expats adjust to their new environment.

Her background as a Forensic Psychologist has allowed her to work with troubled youth and offenders struggling within the Singapore legal system. Over the years She have learned that everyone has their side to the story and the ability to transform their situation.

Pearl Berman

Website Icon - Free Download, PNG and VectorShe specializes in Child clinical psychology which includes Child intervention, Adolescent intervention, Family intervention, Group intervention also Prevention for violence across the lifespan which are Child abuse, Neglect, Sexual abuse, Witnessing violence, Intimate partner violence, Elder abuse and financial exploitation.

Andriana Popescu

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Dr. Adriana Popescu is a licensed clinical psychologist, addiction specialist, and empowerment coach with over 25 years of experience in the mental health field. She is also a certified hypnotherapist, Brainspotting Practitioner, Access Consciousness® Facilitator, and NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) Practitioner, having discovered that Energy Psychology provides incredibly powerful tools to identify and eliminate the deep-rooted causes of suffering and distress. She loves to assist high-achieving people to overcome their barriers, release their self-judgments, and create a life of infinite possibilities.

Lesley Goth

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Lesley Goth, PsyD has been in private practice since 2004. Her specialty in trauma and eating disorders has led her to expand into the coaching arena. Lesley has created an 11 week on-line Women's Sustainable Weight Loss intensive to help women overcome the diet mentality, learn to eat and care for themselves in a healthy way, and fall in love with themselves for the very first time. You can also Connect with her through Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter

Renee Brown

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Reneé had firsthand experience of the insurmountable challenges and difficulties of supporting a close family member struggling through years of substance use. Reneé found herself looking everywhere for affordable treatment options and couldn’t find anything to meet the needs of her desperate family member. Through this process, she witnessed many other families that were financially burdened by the rising costs of treatment programs. Reneé learned that when a family supported anyone with an addiction or substance abuse problem, their funds were often times wiped out, placing their other family members in a very challenging place as they sought to find a recovery solution. In 2004, Mike and Reneé founded Sober Living Properties, which became the first licensed recovery house in Utah. Reneé is committed to making a difference in the lives of her clients and client’s families.

Sandra K Cox

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Sandra Cox has been practicing Psychiatry for 22 years, since graduating from the residency program at the University of Colorado. She has experience treating a wide range of patient needs, from insight-oriented psychotherapy to mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, attention-deficit disorders, trauma-induced disorders and substance abuse disorders. She incorporates into her treatment plans, healthy lifestyle coaching, nutritional and exercise guidance as well as mindfulness training to reduce anxiety and increase your sense of wellness.

Sanjoy Sathpathy

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He is a Child and Adult Psychiatrist, and am board certified, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, in Child/Adolescent as well as Adult Psychiatry. He is in Private Practice, in San Diego, California, for the last 13 years. After completion of my medical schooling and further Post Graduation training in Psychiatry, from a reputed institution in India, He emigrated to USA and joined State University of New York, a highly reputed school in New York, USA, for further residency training in Adult Psychiatry as well as Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. After completion of my training, IHe started my career in Imperial County Behavioral Health Services, California, as a Child Psychiatrist, which provides mental health care to more than half a million population in California. Subsequently He was enamored by Private Practice and have been in practice since. He feel fortunate to have had a wide range of experience and training both in the east (India) and west (USA) which has gained myself expertise in biological as well as psychological advances in the field of psychiatry in the global arena. He have learned to respect and understand nuances of cultural variation and its impact on mental health in my patient population. He is one amongst few to have expertise in Interventional Psychiatry, a new and upcoming field in Psychiatry, in the western world. His interest is in treatment of psychiatric conditions in the child and adolescent population. His passion is to empower individuals to help themselves in improving their own mental health. In His spare time he love reading historical fiction and spending time with His lovely wife and two children. You can also connect with him through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter 

Daniel Hochman

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As a leader in the addiction field, Dr. Hochman has been invited to train and speak for a range of organizations, including Whole Foods and NAADAC, the largest organization for addiction-focused healthcare professionals. His NAADAC lecture remains the most attended in its history.

“I have always been fascinated about what actually causes human suffering to progress or continue. Self Recovery draws on my medical training as a physician, my psychological expertise as a psychiatrist, and research from 1,000s of studies to provide a holistic approach to addiction care that works.” - Daniel Hochman, M.D. You can also connect with him through Facebook, Linkedin

Marni Chanoff

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I am a Harvard-trained psychiatrist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and Mclean Hospital, and I practice and teach Integrative Psychiatry.

I completed residency at Harvard’s MGH/McLean Psychiatry Training Program, receiving the Mel Kayce Award for Excellence in Psychotherapy. I attended the University of Miami School of Medicine, where I graduated with research distinction and was honored as the most distinguished graduate in psychiatry. I completed my Ayurvedic studies at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda. And I am certified as a culinary coach by Harvard’s Institute of Lifestyle Medicine.

I completed fellowships at The MGH Center for Psychoanalytic Studies and Harvard University Health Services. Following my training, I joined the clinical faculty at McLean Hospital as Psychiatrist-in-Charge of the Schizophrenia and Bipolar Program. I then served as an Ellenhorn PACT Team Psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer over several years. You can also connect with her through Linkedin

Sonal Goswami

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Board certified Adult and child-adolescent psychiatrist.Practicing in USA for 18 plus years. Currently providing telepsychiatry consultation in florida. Works with women regarding mood issues related to stress, hormonal changes and provides guidance for work life balance, stress management and medication management if needed. 

Nissa Perez

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Dr. Nissa Perez is a board certified psychiatrist in private practice in San Jose, California. She is also a mom to two boys, ages 7 and 9 years old. She is very interested in helping to support the physical, emotional and spiritual health of women at all stages of life and blogs at She has regular meditation and yoga practices and loves to incorporate mindfulness into the treatment of her patients. You can also connect with her through Facebook

Sara Makin

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Sara Makin is the founder & CEO of Makin Wellness, Pennsylvania’s #1 Rated Online Counseling Platform.

Since establishing the company in 2017, she has led Makin Wellness to its position today as the state’s fastest-growing & privately owned tele-mental health company, achieving rapid expansion and mental health utilization. Under her leadership, Makin Wellness has established a proven track record of successfully shaping the mental health market & driving mental health transformation by executing on their mission of helping millions of people heal & become happy again.

Sara Makin has been featured in major media outlets including NBC, ABC, FOX, The CW, International Business Times, The Scientific Journal and hundreds more media sources internationally. She has been named a Top 100 Healthcare Leader (2019) & an Empowering Woman in Philanthropy (2018). Sara has been on the cover of Inspiring Lives Magazine, Dispense Magazine, Pittsburgh Avenue West and Steel This Magazine.

Nationally recognized as a trailblazer in the virtual mental healthcare field & 2x best selling author, Ms. Makin is fueled by a relentless desire to improve virtual mental health outcomes and provide the masses with outstanding mental health care.

Her successful career in mental health care began at Duquesne University , where she still serves on the Alumni Advisory Board.

She holds a Bachelors of Arts from La Roche College & Masters of Science in Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Duquesne University. You can connect with her through Instagram, Twitter

Helen Hess

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Helen understands the mind body connection and how to help people create the changes they desire. She brings years of nursing experience to her professional practice of hypnosis. For more than 20 years she has worked as a psychiatric nurse practitioner performing psychiatric assessments, psychotherapy, and prescribing and managing medication.

Avalaura Gaither

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Avalaura is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Howard University in Washington, DC. Additionally, she is a trained Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Aromatherapist and Yoga Instructor. As the founder of Avalaura’s Healing Center where she uses a holistic approach to help you deal with challenges and life issues that stop them from living fully, completely and authentically. She takes her clients from breakdowns to breakthroughs by guiding them through a powerful healing process that helps them discover who they are, who they wish to be, and how to get there.

Gabrielle Preston- Banks
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I’m Gabrielle, a Rapid Transformational Therapist, Mindset Coach,

specialising in helping men and women break free from anxiety depression trauma & relationship issues. I also have group programs specifically for entrepreneurs to power through their mind blocks, such as self-sabotage, lack of self -belief, fear of failure and negative money mindset, to enable them to regain their success mindset and create a thriving business & transform their life.

My passion and mission is to help men and women break free from emotional challenges, barriers and traumas. Our state of mind and the words we use impact our success, health and happiness. Deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs often attributed to our early years create negative patterns that remain routed throughout our lives.

My unique process - a combination of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and coaching works rapidly, effectively and delivers phenomenal, powerful and permanent results, reframing your core internal beliefs, values, habits and emotions that are buried deep in the subconscious

By rapidly rewiring the neurological pathways of the brain, I can help replace out-dated belief systems and negative patterns of behaviour with new life-affirming beliefs, allowing you to move forward with renewed energy, empowerment and enthusiasm for the life you deserve. You can connect with her through Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram

Omar Reda

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Omar Reda is a board-certified psychiatrist and Harvard-trained trauma expert, with special interest in working with traumatized individuals, families, and communities. He is the author of multiple books and the founder of Untangled model of care.You can also connect with him through Linkedin

Susan Abbott

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Susan Abbott MD is Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, New York. An expert in pediatric psychopharmacology, Dr. Abbott treats all adult and childhood psychiatric disorders with over two decades of experience. She is board certified in both General Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Dr. Abbott has been treating patients in private practice since 1991. She has the distinction of being the founding medical director of the Adolescent Psychiatry Unit at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital in Port Jefferson, New York from 1993 to 2008 and the Unit Chief of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry inpatient acute care units at Mount Sinai Medical Center from 2009 to 2011.

Dr. Abbott's private practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan provides initial diagnostic psychiatric evaluations and treatment from preschool age and above. She has extensive experience in treating Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) including ADHD in populations where it may be under-recognized such as in girls, in gifted and talented youth and in adults and when co-occurring with other psychiatric disorders or symptoms.

Her expertise includes safe, effective and conservative antidepressant medication treatment for moderate to severe depression and suicidal. In addition, Dr. Abbott also provides second opinion consultations for evaluation of medication management.

Candice N Crowley

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With a background in entrepreneurship and business, Candice is a counselor with a well-rounded wisdom that is grounded in real-life experience in overcoming fear, social pressures, blended families, and internal questioning. A ball of positive energy, Candice lights up the room with just one smile and is a cheerleader you definitely want on your team. Candice is trustworthy, direct, and high-achieving. She coaches people on how to find their inner strength and operate in boldness. Candice lives in the Cincinnati metro area with her husband and two children. In her free time, Candice enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and binge watching television series.

Lucia Cheng

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Dr. Lucia Cheng is a board-certified psychiatrist in the USA, specializing in Reproductive/Perinatal Psychiatry. She has a 100% telepsychiatry private practice (Phoenix Progressive Psychiatric Services), seeing patients across eight states. Dr. Cheng is passionate about caring for women's mental health, especially around the often-stressful perinatal phases of life. You can also connect with her through Facebook, Linkedin

Dr Xander Phoenix

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Dr. Xander Phoenix enlisted in the United States Navy in 2001. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Counterterrorism at American Military University while on active duty. Following his release from the US Navy, he joined Alliant International University in San Diego, CA, where he completed both a Masters and a Doctorate in Clinical Forensic Psychology.

Dr. Phoenix has worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health where he gained experience on disease control and safety while being the Ebola Response Team Safety Officer in Guinea.

After holding the position of Clinical Director for a prominent neurofeedback clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia, he learned new modalities and became Board Certified in Neurofeedback. Using that knowledge, he founded the Phoenix Centre in 2019 where he continues to help clients on a daily basis. You can also connect with him through Facebook, linkedin

Ameenah Thobani

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I am a Rapid Transformational Therapy , Practitioner, Spiritual Hypnotherapist , Past Life Regressionist, Inner child healing expert, Metaphysical Coach.You can connect with her through Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram

Michael Barness

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Board certified Psychiatrist with a passion for understanding human behavior. Fascinated by what drives individuals to pursue the best version of themselves.

My practice Mindful Medicine allows me to do what I love. Which is creating meaningful relationships with patients and guiding them as they achieve their goals. You can also connect with him through Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram

Carrie Stolzman