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How To Establish Yourself As Speaker In The Professional Speaking Industry

If you are starting out as a professional speaker, you cannot miss this session. In this conversation with Purvi Tantia, Tamuri LeAnne Richardson - Mental Health Advocate and Author Communication Consultant discuss what do you need to do before starting up as a professional speaker.


Tamuri Richardson 

 Professional Motivational Speaker,  Author Communication Consultant, Coach, Mental Health Advocate 

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Purvi Tantia 

Purvi Tantia is the founder of Women of Wisdom Movement - A movement to bring women’s wisdom to forefront so that our future generations can live in the world which is curated with both feminine and masculine wisdom. She is an international keynote speaker who has spoken on stages across continents and featured time and again and TED.COM. 

As a serial entrepreneur since the age of 22, Purvi has built several businesses and in diverse industries. The mission to positively impact 3.5 billion women across the globe wakes her up every morning.  Her online endeavours to educate women on the what, why and how of running businesses in the coaching and consulting industry has already touched and impacted lives of thousands of women across all continents. She continues to evolve her business offerings to keep up with the forever promise of helping women bring their wisdom to forefront and turn into a business model which is created to leave a legacy and profit is just a byproduct of that intention. 

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Link to buy her book: The Power of Why: Why 23 Women Took the Leap to Start Their Own Business

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