Alternative Healing Summit

“150+ Healers Come Together To Share How To Ignite The Healer Within Us”

• Free Online Event LIVE from 25th June •

For Women Entrepreneurs Especially In Service Business

•Learn From Light & Energy Workers From Across the Globe•


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A Summit By Women of Wisdom Movement

Join 5000+ women across 50+ countries and learn from the wisdom of healers from across the globe --> 

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We have 500+ years of wisdom of healers

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Right now, everyone’s feeling uncertain.


We all have seen an unprecedented time and we now value our health more than ever.. 

Knowing the value of placebo effect and power of our inner healer, people have started connecting with one's deeper selves. We bring the wisdom of healers from across the world to you through this summit to help you ignite your inner healer. 


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Sounds awesome but ...

What exactly is in it for me?

Good question, I am glad you asked! Here is a small taste of what you can get by joining the virtual conference.

✔️  How to double your efficiency by connecting with yourself at a deeper level ad prioritising self care

✔️  If your business is important to you, we'll spend sufficient time with our experts to understand how to ignite your inner healer so that you can spend quality time with your business without worrying about yourself

✔️  Practical solutions to use breathing, sound and other light and energy healing methods in everyday lives

✔️  The secrets behind the science of energy healing and how it helps us become a better version of ourselves. 

Some of the reasons women from world over are registering for this summit NOW

First Time Ever

It is the first time ever a global summit of this magnitude is getting released! 

Learn Online

You can watch all the sessions online streaming on your laptop or phone. Yes, learn and implement from the comfort of your home.

Free For A Limited Time

Free passes are available for a very limited time. So take the opportunity to register now - before the free option goes away.